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Unity - Service - Recovery
Unity – Service – Recovery

The Alano Club was founded June 3rd, 1972, “By Alcoholics: For Alcoholics”. This means that the primary purpose of this club is to provide a safe, comfortable place for alcoholics and for Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings.

The original founders were Jack Hennesey, Rube Balanga, and Jack Girtner. These men started this club with $5,000 and a coffee pot. A gentleman by the name of John Colson brought the original tables and chairs, some of which are still in use today. The only motivation for these men was to provide a place where a drunk could get sober. The message of the 12th Step was carried by these old-timers not only in words, but in their thoughts, hearts and actions.

Our goal is to continue the endeavor began all those years ago by these old timers. We will carry the message of AA to those alcoholics who still suffer and the alcoholic in recovery. It cannot be overstated our primary purpose is the recovering/suffering alcoholic.